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my homepage featuring The Raven,
Moonlight Densetsu, CYCM Cosplay,

and all my other stuff. ^_^

Lestat/VampChron/Anne Rice

Michelle's Vampire Connection
A listing/directory of great AR Sites on the web. Worth a good look!

The Lestathenaeum
Another fabulous site by Danielle, this one is the "school of Lestat" more or less. Tons of cool info on Lestat, pics, quotes, and more! This page is amazing!

Midnight Roses
A nice, insightful page with lots of vampire goodness and some other interesting stuff too.

Chez Moi
A very cool page, with some very kawaii manga-stlye VampChron fanart, and lots of neat stuff.

JF's Interview with the Vampire Pages
Includes complete picture and sound galleries.

Croatoan FanFic
A site that explains where all of the Anne Rice fanfiction went.

The Official Anne Rice Website

Ayn Brice: The Not Anne Rice Site

Lestat's Night Out
A site dedicated to the fictional band "The Vampire Lestat" from TVL & QotD. Very cool site! I'm impressed.

The Night Island
A very cool VampChron site with games, quizzes, and all sorts of great stuff.


Spike and Dru's Vampire Slayground
A great site dedicated to the terrible two on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Darkness Within
Wicca, quotes, poetry, and other amazing stuff.

Other Great Sites

The Brat Queen
A wonderful site with cool fanfic, from Batman to Fight Club, some great rants, and other cool stuff. Worth a look! (Or several!)

Danatic Webzine
I write articles for this. It's a plug.

Michael's Life Support
My friend Mike's site, with stuff for Tori Amos, Rent, and some of his amazing poetry.

Living in the Bonus Round
Steve Schalchlin's online diary (the creator of the musical The Last Session).

The Guiding Light - links to more of my friend's amazing websites

The Raven