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Update Note - 7-20-00

Okay, so I haven't exactly been updating a whole lot. I feel really bad. I thought that I'd have lots of time this summer to update webpages and such, but I was wrong. My brothers are addicted to that game, Everquest, so they're on the computer a lot. Whenever I do get it, I've been concentrating on my cosplay site because it's my new obsession.

The other problem is, I don't have much to add to this site. I want to continue the lists of "ways to tell you're addicted to the vampchron" and those types of things, but I just don't have the time to do it.

I'm sorry, but I will update more later. Especially after Merrick comes out this fall, for obvious reasons. I have more lyrics to add that remind me of the VampChron, more random stuff, and the Anne Rice page needs a new layout like nothing else. But I haven't had time yet. When I do, it will happen.

I'm going to college this fall. San Francisco State. I was really excited, until Tuesday, when I registered for classes. That's when it hit me: I'm not "going away to college" like I've been dreaming about since I was 12 -- I'm "going to live at a school and take classes, even math, that I don't wanna take". When I think about it that way, it makes me sick.

That was kind of pointless. Sorry. Anyhow, the point of this is, I'm not updating right now but I will soon. My apologies, and good night.

(BTW, I had this weird dream that Lestat was a drug dealer and Louis was mad at him for providing children with drugs. Yes, I am mentally warped.)