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"Don't be a fool for the devil, darling!...Unless he treats you a damn sight better than the Almighty!"
- Lestat

March 13th

Yikes. It's been a while. I swear I haven't lost interest, but I'm so busy with school and anime costumes that I don't have much time left over for this site. ^_^ I still have tons of stuff to add that I'm working on. Hopefully I'll have a few bigger updates soon.

Meanwhile, today I added one more Reference.

I mean it, soon I'll start doing real updates....

January 31

3 updates this month! Wow! It's gotta be some sort of record. I haven't done this in years. Actually, I keep getting so many submissions (well, one or two) for the VC References page, I need to keep updating it. (But thanks to everyone who contributed! If you know of any more, please send them in!)

I learned FRAMES! I'm so excited! Don't believe me! My cosplay page is proof (don't go looking at my costumes, though, they still suck)! But anyhow, I think next week if I have the time, I'll put the Lestatheism page into frames. I've always wanted to... Yup... So go use the Message Board! LOL... I'm such an optimist.

January 26th

I'm crazy, I know, but I decided to give it a shot! I added a Vampire Lestat Message Board, for all your VampChron discussion needs. Every time I've attempted to add a forum or board to a site, it's failed. But I'll keep babbling on it and someday maybe other people will join in!

Also, I got two e-mails in the last two days, both telling me of the same BtVS reference to Lestat, so I put it on the VC References page. Thanks to both people for sending it in and if anyone has any more reference (Buffy or otherwise), I'd be eternally grateful if you'd let me know!

January 24th

College is back. >_< For now, I only added a page called VC References, which will be added to all of the time. If anyone has one to add, please let me know! I'd love you forever (or, you know, an hour).

December 8th

YAY! College is out until January, but I start work Saturday. So I really won't have much free time anyhow. Damn. Oh well. I just added a page called "Why I love Lestat" because I get that question a lot. Now I can just refer people to that page. ^_^ Sorry for the lack of updates, as always. I've been spending time redoing Violet Glass and Moonlight Densetsu, not to mention building up a page for our local anime club. So I've been busy. Forgive me, Lestat, but I have not abandon you.

November 14th

To use an anime expression, Sugoi! I've been updating quite a bit lately--I sure hope this keeps up!

Tonight I added two things to the Anne Rice page: A (not so) Objective Look at David Talbot and 101 Reasons Not to See the QotD Movie (which isn't really a list like it sounds...). So yeah. Vive Lestat!

November 12th

New section called The Vampire Shrine. Yup.

November 9th

YAY! My english class was canceled this morning, so I decided to update! ^_^

Finally, I updated and revamped the Lestatheist page. Now there's a seperate Holy Book page that closely resembles the original layout. It suits it better. If you'd like to submit any guest articles or works, feel free to e-mail me at More stuff to come soon!

November 2nd, 2000

New main page layout. Also, I updated the quotes page with one quote (more will follow) and a neater look. Also, I added a Link Me page.

I finished Merrick. I have reviews and other things to add in that regard, as soon as I get some time. If you've finished it and want to talk about it as much as I do, e-mail me. Without spoilers, let me just say that I kind of like Merrick and still dislike David quite a bit.

October 16th

I updated the Links page with a few small changes. Also, I put up a notice where the Specs page used to be.

Merrick comes out tomorrow. I plan to buy it but at the moment I can't remember why. Sometimes I think I must be a sadomasicist to keep reading the books... especially because I'm told the first sentence is "Hello, I am David Talbot," and knowing what I think of him, that can't be a good sign. Still, like the naive optimist I am, I'm hoping it turns out well.