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Interview with the Vampire the Movie Part 2


Louis: Now I'm a vampire and my slaves all worry about me. I suck.

  Slave Girl 1: Master, don't you want to eat? Geez, my people are starving in Africa, you know.
Lestat: He's so hungry, he could eat the Village People! Hahaha. Wait, that's not the line...
Louis: I prefer chickens, thank you very much. Human blood is just too salty.
Lestat: C'mon, Louis, we're going out and dining in high society. It's fun. Read their thoughts. They're all dirty little perverts.
Louis: I can't! Oh man, I'm an awful vampire.
Lestat: Nevermind. All of us have different powers, blah blah blah. Apparently your power is to whine like there's no tomorrow. Nevertheless, see that old woman? You take her. I'll deal with the boy.
Poodle: Woof. Woof woof woof.
Widow: I'm old enough to be your father's great aunt. You're after my money, aren't you?
Louis: I'm transfixed by the sound of yappy dogs.
Poodle: grrr... yap! yap! yap yap yap!
Widow: Mon Dieu! Les petit papillions! Don't you think my French is so beautiful? EEEK! *crack*
Lestat: What the hell is wrong with you, wasting perfectly good blood for poodles? Learn how to kill.
Louis: I can't even kill humans. I suck.
Lestat: Just as long as you don't go burning down our house, I think everything will be fine.
Daniel: I sense a mysterious foreboding at work...

Part 3 Coming Soon!

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