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Interview with the Vampire the Movie Part 1


Daniel: Boy, I sure I hope buying this huge bag full of blank tapes wasn't a waste of money. But they were 2 for 1 at Radio Shack, so how could I resist?

Louis: I want to tell you the story of my life.
Lestat: Oh and that isn't terribly cliche.
Louis: Please, Lestat. You don't come in until later.
How shall I begin? By proving my extensive knowledge of 19th century literature or scaring the life out of you?
I am a vampire.
Daniel: Lucky vampires can't get cancer from second-hand smoke, eh? hahaha *cough* *cough*
Louis: *flash into the past*
My wife and child are dead. I suck.
Lestat: I thought it was your brother. Didn't you push him down the stairs?
Louis: It wasn't me. And anyhow, this is the movie version, not the book. Just wait until you see what Hollywood did to Queen of the Damned.
Daniel: *ahem* We're wasting tape...
Louis: I know. I'll go cheat at poker and maybe someone will put me out of my misery.
. . . .
Maybe if I sleep with a prostitute, she'll put me out of my misery.
. . . .
Ack! The pimp is trying to put me out of my misery!
Lestat: Not if I get to you first. Muahaha. I'll drink your blood and leave you in the river. Watch me fly! I am Batman.
Louis: Now I'm cold and wet and I'm still alive. How awful.
Lestat: I can change that for you. I can give you the choice... I... never... had...
Louis: Hey, it's William Shatner! Oh, oh, it's you. Okay, just let me gawk at a sunrise like I've never seen one before and I'll be all set.
Lestat: Haha. Now you're a vampire.
Louis: I feel cheap.

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