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This is a section where the VampChron books and the one movie worth calling a VampChron film will be summed up in what are called "Thumbnail Theaters". It's basically a mixture of "the story of such and such in under 90 seconds" told by character dialouge. You'll get the hang of how it works as you read on.

This was taken, quite shamelessly, from's Thumbnail Theaters*, in which EVA and Mononoke are done in the same fashion. I thought this was so genius, I absolutely had to steal it and try it with the VampChron. Originally, I was going to do the books first, then the movie, but finding pics of the book characters is not nearly as easy.

Only the movie is up so far, and even that's not really half-way finished. I hope to get it done soon and then continue on to the books, but we'll see. I don't have nearly as much time to dedicate to stuff like this as I used to.

Interview with the Vampire the Movie

The Movie Part 1
The Movie Part 2
to be continued...

*I am no longer able to locate these on the ToastyFrog page. They've been taken down before and may no longer be available. Or I may be a dolt who just can't find them.