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Rejected VampChron Merchandise

It's hard to believe Anne's publishers would reject any sort of merchandise, but they have and here's a list of what it was.*

* ~ Rejected Video, Music, and Book Ideas ~ *

Memnoch Reads Books on Tape - A whole series of classic Dicken's novels on cassette, read by none other than Memnoch the Devil himself. Listen as he uses his creative wit and adds his own commentary to the end of each chapter.

David Talbot's Book Chat - a home video collection! David reviews and discusses several of his favorite books, including Faust. Each tape is 110 minutes long. 4 tapes total.

Paul de Pointe du Lac's Gospel Favorites - 17 songs to help you worship god and find Jesus.

The Vampire Lestat Anthology Box Set - 4 CDs of the best band in the world, The Vampire Lestat. Includes rare footage from their only concert in San Francisco, a live CD, and all of the band's amazing songs.

Armand's Funniest Home Videos - You know he goes wild with that camera of his, but you should see some of the hilarious scenes he's caught on tape! Laugh along as your favorite vampire heroes makes fools of themselves on video!

* ~ Rejected Video Games ~ *

Soul Search - Help Lestat find his soul. This BtVS-Angel-esque video game will appeal to teenagers who want the "evil bad boy" to find goodness and happiness.

Shack Attack - Louis' house, as always, is a disaster area. Help Lestat clean it up, but be careful not to break anything or you'll rack up "frustration points". 15 of those and Lestat will give up and burn the house down.

Mojo's Adventures in Central Park - Mojo is loose in New York city! It's your job to help him beg for food scraps and find his way back to New Orleans.

David's Dream Date - pair up David Talbot with his soulmate on this Love Connection style game show, where you host. But be careful ! Pick an incapatible mate and watch him bore her to death.

* ~ Rejected Toys ~ *

Mekare 11" Doll with Detached Tongue - Have fun brushing her red hair or trying to super-glue her tongue back in!

Louis, Lestat, Claudia, and Armand UFO Catcher Dolls - These cute Japanese plush figures are great for any collector. (That one's not funny. I don't care, damn it, I want these to exist! Shimatta!)

Potty Training Mojo - teach Mojo not to pee on the authentic 19th century carpet at Rue Royal. Comes with customized puppy "Pull Ups" and doggie training pad.

Drunken Daniel Doll - Daniel is 11" scale and comes with a bag of tapes, a recorder, and some heavy liquor and cigarettes. Press his back and hear him utter one of 12 fun phrases like, "You really believe this, don't you? That you're a vampire." Also, comes with an upgrade to give him 12 new drunken phrases from the post IwtV years.

Lestat Action Figure and Wal*Mart Playset - Now you can control the amazing 21st Century items that amaze and spellbind Lestat. Comes with checkout clerk and homicidal customer.

Theatre Des Vampyres Dollhouse - Comes 90% constructed and includes preformer action figures. Now you set the stage for an array of vampire plays and musicals.

Santiago Doll - 11" scale, this doll can dance around playfully. He splits in half and squirts fake blood (blood packet included). Louis and Scythe set sold seperately.

Claudia Paper Dolls - She may look like a child, but you can make her look fashionable! The set comes in a 50 page book and includes clothes spanning three hundred years (1794-2000). So what if she's dead! She can still dress to kill!

Pointe Du Lac Lego Set - Build your favorite plantation out of the coolest interlocking blocks on Earth. Build the entire main house, stables, slave quarters, and oratory. Includes Lego men figures of Louis, Paul, Lestat, the servants, Lestat's father, Louis' sister, and a Priest. After you build, enjoy recreating the fun scenes from the book, like Paul's tumble down the stairs!

Fang Gang Figures - Play along with the Vampire Lestat groupies of all time! Includes Baby Jenks and all the other "dead people" from Queen of the Damned.

* ~ Other Rejected Merchandise ~ *

Pandora's Box - a beautiful set of Romanesque vanity tools. Includes a brush, a comb, and mirror. The box is carved with images of Isis and Orisis and a painted portait of Pandora herself is in the center.

Violet Sunglasses - Be as cool as Lestat with these violet tinted sunglassed that bare the Vampire Lestat logo on the side.

Marius Watch - Watch time pass with Marius. This silver-plated watch has a beautiful image of Marius on the face. It plays the melody of "Born to Darkness" from the IwtV movie.

*Obviously, this is just for fun. None of these ideas were, to the best of my knowledge, ever discussed by Anne Rice, Knopf, Kith&Kin, Warner Bros., etc. This list was created by Vic and added to by Danny; yes, both of them are insane.