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These are songs that remind me people of the Vampire Chronicles in some way. Some were specifically written for the VampChron, others just seem to fit.

New Orleans, by Winter Kills, is an ode to the VampChron. It includes references to Louis & Claudia. You can buy their CD for $6 at

Little Man, Big Man, by Toad the Wet Sprocket always makes me think of Louis. Am I insane? Yes. Read the lyrics and see if you agree.

I'll be damned if I can remember where I first read this, but having bought the CD, I have to agree that Little Earthquakes by Tori Amos does remind me of Armand and Daniel.

The song Desire seems to be Lestat's Theme Song, especially with lyrics like "I want a chance to sell my soul".... Check it out.

There are two songs that come to mind recently when I think I about the VC. Sarah McLaughlin's Building a Mystery reminds me of Lestat, especially the part about the "know-it-all grin".

After reading the novel Interview with the Vampire, Sting wrote a little song about it and recorded it on the album Dream of the Blue Turtles. Here are the lyrics to Moon Over Bourbon Street. I also have the MIDI file playing on the page so you can hear how it goes.

A few people have mentioned that the Chumbawumba song "Tubthumbing" reminds them of Daniel in Queen of the Damned. Here are the lyrics so you can decide for yourself.