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Kyuuketsuki (Hime) Miyu
aka Vampire (Princess) Miyu

Name: "miyu" is Japanese for "Beautiful Evening"
From: Manga Series by Kakinouchi Narumi, TV series, 4 Part OAV
Vampires Made: Yui (by accident)
Made by: Born a Vampire
Musical Inspiration: plays the Flute of Darkness in a haunting tune
Duties: Hunts stray Shinma (God-Demons) and returns them to the dark.
Guardian: Larva (Laaba), a Western Shinma sent to kill Miyu, but instead the vampire in her awoke and she gave him her blood and made him her guardian and loyal friend.
Friends: Shiina (a shinma-bunny thing), Chisato, Yukari, and Hisae. (Sometimes Reiha.)
Enemies: All Shinma, especially the Western Shinma, who want to reclaim Larva.
Mortal Age: 13 years old
Attire: In the OAV and manga series, she wears a short white kimono with a red sash. In the TV series, she wears a short white kimono with a purple sash and giant purple bow in the back. Also, she tends to wear her school uniform a lot in TV series.
Powers: She has a flame that comes forth from her hand that she's able to burn the Shinma with. Also, she can jump very high with ease.
A Little More: Miyu's mother was a vampire and made her father a vampire too. However, when the vampire blood in Miyu awoke and she made Larva her slave, her parents were trapped in the land of the shinma until Miyu finishes capturing all the Shinma. In order to allow her to preform this task, Miyu no longer ages. She does not like being "The Guardian" and scoffs at mortals who beg her to change them into vampires. She goes to school and in the TV series makes friends with a girl named Chisato and her friends. Being at school helps Miyu learn of shinma, but I think it also helps her happiness.