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"And even Thomas Jefferson wasn't born in your backyard, like you have said."
- Tori Amos

Why Lestat for president? Why not? I mean, have you seen the canidates for this year's presidential election? I, for one, can't think of a better person to live in the White House and be our Chief Executive. And if Bill Clinton got into office, how hard can it really be?

Arguments for Lestat in Office:

- He's smart - Okay, so he never had a formal education (not much of one, anyhow). Lestat's brilliant. He's talented, and he's an actor, which is a good trait for a politician to have. Plus, he plays piano. Screw saxophones, Lestat's got it all!
- He's a natural leader. - Lestat's a pro at making his own rules, so why shouldn't he make them for the entire country?
- He loves the spotlight. - And who gets more attention from the media than Mr. President?
- He's bound to be more liberal. - Seeing as though genders don't matter to vampires, and since he's a murderer, he's bound be more open-minded than most canidates.
- He's old enough. - What's the age to become President? I forgot and I'm not really researching this page, so let's say 41. At any rate, Lestat is over 200. He's had more experience and more

Counter Arguments for Lestat in Office:

- He's fictional. - Yeah, well, how do we know Bill Clinton is real? And anyhow, I don't remember reading anything in the constitution that says the president can't be a literary character. In fact, Thomas Jefferson was quite a fan of novels and I'm sure he'd agree with me.
- He wasn't born in the United States. - True, but I'm sure he can gather enough documentation that proves he was (even though he wasn't).
- He can't go out in the daylight. - Details, details. The presidential conventions and meetings can easily be held at night. And for emergencies, well, that's what assistants are for.

Other Lestat For President Stuff:

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