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Lestat de Lioncourt

Name: no translation
From: The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice and Interview with the Vampire the movie, based on the Anne Rice book.
Vampires Made: Nicki, Louis, Gabrielle, Claudia, David Talbot (that's all off the top of my head.. could be more..)
Made by: Magnus, who killed himself immediately afterwards
Musical Inspiration: Plays Piano. Loved it when Nicki played violin.
Friends: Louis, Armand, David Talbot, Marius, Gabrielle, and others.
Enemies: Ralgan James, Memnoch (sort of), and plenty of others
Hangouts: New Orleans, New York, San Francisco, Night Island, Paris, London
Been a Vampire Since: 1760
Mortal Age: 20 or 21 (Anne has written both)
Attire: Armani suits, biker gear, old fashion 1790s style, and violet sunglasses.
To Die 1,000 Deaths: Good god, Lestat has been "killed" more times than I can count. Once by Claudia, once by Louis, once by near-suicide in the desert, and a close call with Memnoch. Wait, that's only 3. I think there are more....
A Little More: Lestat is a godly vampire. He has had amazing adventures (mostly caused by his own stubborness or need for excitement) and gets himself into trouble all of the time. Luckily, he's also great at getting out of it. He has an enormous ego, but his arrogance is tolerable. While he'll often act independent and won't always admit his feelings, he loves his friends dearly, especially Louis. Lestat does not, contrary to popular belief, like to kill humans. He simply doesn't mourn each death like Louis does. He tries to kill villians but ends up killing innocent people as well. Lestat believes everyone, no matter how righteous they seem, has evil lurking within them.