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Lucien LaCroix

Name: "la croix" is French for "the cross"
From: TV Movie and TV show FOREVER KNIGHT (now a novel series)
Vampires Made: Janette & Nick Knight (that I know of)
Made by: ?
Duties: LaCroix hosts a radio show under the alias "Nightcrawler" in order to communicate with Nick, his poor fledgeling who wants to be human again (*cough* Louis).
Friends: Janette and sometimes Nick
Hangouts: Raven, a bar run by Janette (that's where my site got its name--that and the poem by Poe)
Been a Vampire Since: before 1228 AD (when he made Nick)
To Die 1,000 Deaths: Was killed once in the TV Movie by Nick, who sought to retrieve an artifact and protect some girl. In a rage after LaCroix killed the girl, he impaled LaCroix.
A Little More: LaCroix is the strong vampire character in the series. He made Nick a vampire without Nick knowing what was happening. While he spent hundreds of years with Nick and Janette, Nick's obsession to regain immortality drove LaCroix (who was quite Lestathean on the topic) insane. In the TV series, LaCroix moves to Toronto where Nick is and gets a radio show. He uses it to talk to Nick, who is always tuned to it, in indirect ways. While Nick and LaCroix often fight and are enemies, LaCroix saves his life several times and does care about him. In the episode "Father Figure," about father's day, we learn that LaCroix regards Nick as his son and loves him as such.