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All of the stuff on this page is meant to poke fun at my favorite thing in the world--The Vampire Chronicles. All of these were written by me, albiet sometimes with a little help from friends or VL Board members. Soke of this stuff is brand new, while other stuff was written years and years ago. Remember, if you can't laugh at it, it's not worth reading/watching/obsessing over.

VampChron Thumbnail Theaters
blantantly stolen from, who does the same thing with anime such as Evangelion and Mononoke-hime.

Rejected VampChron Merchandise
A list of stuff that never made it to the shelves. (Actually, it's a pity some of this stuff was never thought up or marketed.)

You Know You're Addicted to Anne Rice When... | Part 2 |
This is a list that's just what it sounds like, although it focuses mostly on the VampChron.

If I Ever Get Stuck in the VampChron
This didn't turn out as funny as I would have liked.

An Objective Look at David Talbot
I used to really hate David. I still look upon him with great dislike, but I think I've found ways to like him. Mainly, laughing at him.