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As you can imagine, I get a lot of flames from this sight. Tons and tons. My e-mail box overflows with them. Most of them are stupid and unintelligable, the rest are stupid and mean. Flames make me so happy! Because no matter how pathetic I feel, all I have to do is read a flame I was sent, and I realize there are people more pathetic than me. So, I've decided to make you feel better about yourself too. Now you can read what the truly annoying people of the world have to say.

These flames are MST'd by me, meaning Mystery Science Theater-d. Some of my comments are immature, but hell, so are the flamers. These aren't just any old "get a life, GOTHIC WHORE!" flames. These are really great ones, from people who must have stumbled onto my page looking for Britney Spears MP3s.

The format of counter-flame in the pages that follow was stolen, blantly, from Best Brains, Anne Rice, and The Brat Queen who combined the two. However, her MST3k meets VampChron are much better than mine! Read hers! They rule!

The flamer's words appear with a ">" in front. The dialouge, of course, is all mine. the characters are copyright Anne Rice, Knopf, Kith&Kin, Warner Bros., and god knows who else. The concept of VampChron-MST3k was designed by someone else, mentioned above.

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