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Count Duckula

Name: derived from "Count Dracula" and "Duck"
From: Count Duckula, the cartoon fron Britian (later showed in the US) and eventually a Marvel Comic book.
Vampires Made: none
Made by: born from a long line of vampires
Friends: Nanny and Igor
Home: Castle Duckula
Location: Transylvania
Attire: coat, bow, and dress shirt with a cape.
Feeding Habits: He doesn't drink blood, he prefers Tomato Juice and sucks vegetables dry.
A Little More: I grew up watching Count Duckula (he was the start of my vampire obsession) but I can't say I remember much about the show. I do know that Count Duckula slept in a coffin that was magical and could transport the castle all over the world for various adventures. Duckula was feared by all of the townsfolk but was utterly harmless.