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An Objective Look at

Spoiler Gage: 10, all the way up to Merrick, so unless you're there, read no further or don't say I didn't warn you.

Maybe the once Superior General of the Talamasca turned vampire isn't such a bad guy. After much caffeine and sitting in the commons of LTCC, I decided there was only one way to tell if David was as bad as I (and countless others, including a girl in my English class who will sneer at the name) thought. That method is so brilliant, so scientific, and so accurate I was surprised no one had attempted it before. It is as simple as a list of Pros and Cons.

Cons (The Bad & The Ugly):

1. He's an admitted pedophile.
2. He was too heartless say good-bye to his dear friend Aaron Lightener.
3. He hunted endangered species and then bragged about it.
4. He's convinced he saw God & the Devil having a civil conversation in a Paris cafe... Next he'll claim he's seen the King in Japan.
5. The story of Merrick might have been better if it had come from Louis' point of view.
6. Speaking of Louis, David seems to get in the way of his relationship with Lestat.
7. He got all of the vampires in deep trouble now that the Talamasca is after them.
9. His ego is overinflated but he's too polite for one to point it out to him.
10. He didn't do or say much when Louis threatened suicide.
11. He bragged about being able to get Armand and Pandora to tell their stories.
12. He brags too much.

Pros (The Good -- What There is of It)

1. He was not responsible for Vittorio.
2. Without his aid to Lestat, Memnoch may never have been published. (Wait, should that be in the good column?)
3. He helped Lestat in TotBT twice (but we all know Lestat would have found a way out of it anyhow).
4. He has a British accent and those are soothing.
5. He provides comic relief (well, I laugh at him, anyway).
6. He's less annoying than Sybelle (so far).
7. He has a beautiful singing voice. (Not really, I just wanted to even out the "good" section a little to show I'm being objective.)
8. He's polite (though it's not always sincere).
9. Faust isn't such a bad book, now, is it?

I guess this just proves one thing: pro and con lists are virtually useless. But it always proves that David isn't all bad, just 99.5% bad.

Submit your own Pros & Cons!