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The Erin W. Complex - aka the Animaniacs complex, it's the constant fear that a clown will bite you and throw you in the basement. *shrug* (You know who you are, ^_^)

The Sybelle Complex - having the ability to play one song on the piano over and over until it gets so annoying, someone threatens your life.Of course, it may also be the tendancy to sing a jingle or hum a tune to the point of someone else's insanity.

The Mojo Complex - To be loyal to friend who has a definate ego *cough* Lestat *cough* and always being there for your friends no matter what the outragous circumstances. Who said a complex had to be a bad thing?

The Bob Complex - To have high expectations and unattantainable goals, and then getting upset when people can't meet your high sets of standards and can't accomplish your impossible vision. Also, to be constantly miserable because you never fulfilled your dreams, and you blame the world for your failures.

The Usagi Complex - The tendancy to get up late in the morning... either because you don't wake up to your alarm, or you forget to set it. Also, the tendancy to be undependable and a good procrastinator.

The Paul de Pointe du Lac Complex - also known as the
Pope Complex, it is being extremely religiously fanatical. Symptoms include
constant preaching, visions of the virgin mary or anything else, taking notes in
Church, and/or being offended by the slightest notion that God and their Bible
aren't perfect. These people are genuienly stubborn and won't listen to
other people.

The Jean Valjean Complex - To intend nothing but good deeds, but often having
them turned around on you, and getting in trouble for them.

The Nick Knight Complex - The tendency to deny what one is, and/or one's
heritage or lineage. Also the desire to seperate oneself from
one's own past and past actions.

The Spike 'N Dru Complex - Having sadistic tendencies and the ability to
make wise cracks about any situation.

The Leonardo DiCaprio Complex - The belief that one will never out grow
his youth and that one is God's gift to the opposite sex. Often
accompanied by a large ego.

The Lestat Complex - Also known as the God Complex, this is the belief
that one is or should be a god (or the devil). One with this complex
also has the belief that rules, laws, and earthly restrictions do not
apply to oneself.

The Mulder Complex - Having deeply rooted paranoia about people in
"control" such as the government, teachers, bosses, etc. Lacking the
ability to trust even one's closed friends due to past betrayals with
other or the same friends.

The Hanson/Spice Girls Complex - The ability to be extremely annoying
and get paid and/or admired for doing so.

The Pointe du Lac Complex - to be so miserable, one wishes to die but
doesn't have the courage to carry it out oneself. Often results in
alcoholism, severe drug abuse, and/or a series of dangerous/violent acts
in an attempt to bring about one's death. The causes are often serious
depression, the death of a loved one, feelings of
worthlessness/hopeless/despair, the belief that one's life is going
nowhere, loneliness, and/or any number of the above.

The Claudia Complex- It's more of a word than an actual complex, but
it's the tendency of children (especially little girls) to commit crimes
and/or homicide. The best time to use this phrase is while watching "The
Bad Seed".